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Buy x2 tokens

Current price: -.--- BNB

You will pay - BNB

How does it work?

  • The contract contains 1,000,000 x2 tokens
  • The token price is determined by the contract
  • Everyone can buy any number of tokens
  • After all x2 tokens are sold out, the token price in the smart contract is doubled and everything starts all over again. At a new price only
  • Tokens are stored on buyers' wallets.
  • After purchasing x2 tokens, the buyer automatically becomes a seller at a double price and goes to the end of the sell queue.
  • The seller just needs to wait until tokens are bought from him
  • When the buyer initiates a purchase, x2 tokens from the wallets that are first in the queue go to the buyer, and the seller gets BNB at the current rate

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